It’s a New Day at Iron Gate Farm!

Hello! Again. I’ve missed you!

While my journey as a winemaker and winery owner may have concluded after 23 passionate years, my spirit remains ever-burning. Though I’ve retired from the winery, I’m still very much alive and kicking! I’m thrilled to open this new chapter with you, sharing the beauty and tales from Iron Gate Farm. One door may have closed, but a myriad of adventures await. Join me, as we embrace a new day on the farm!”

Mr. Lynch in front of rock house

Where It Started

Benefit from my research and read about the history of this piece of Alamance County - the Rock House and how it became Iron Gate Farm.

Iron gate wine awards

Where We've Been

Follow the history of how our vineyards, and eventually the winery, came into being, the awards we’ve won, and the difficult decision to give it all up for a simpler life.

Illuminated garden gate with string lights at night.

Where We Are Now

We are enjoying the fruits of many years of labor and realizing we want to share it with all of you, bringing all kinds of beautiful things to view and/or purchase.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find us again and keep up with all the fun stuff we’re doing now. 

Our minds are turning with all these great ideas of what could be here on the farm, such as, changing the cottage to an Airbnb, a spot for hosting small garden tea parties, or just a place to sit under the big oak trees and share an afternoon with friends.  Stay tuned and tell us what you think. 

Are you interested?

To read ALL about what we are doing, click here to access the Grapevine Chronicles, our blog.