Red the cat lounging in front of the old winery sign

Where’s Red?

A couple of months ago I saw something that looked like a red fox at first running across the driveway to the back of the shop.  Every time it saw me it ran for its life.  I could tell it was coming to eat the same food I put out for the barn cats.  As time went on, I was able to get closer and realized it was a cat.  It was so orange, it looked red with a couple of light rings on the tail. This was a big cat! 

An Appropriate Name

One morning after I had put out cat food, I saw this cat crossing the driveway.  I dropped to my knees and held out my arms.  It stopped and cautiously came toward me.  I couldn’t believe it!  I stroked it and realized it was a “she” cat.  From that day on “Red” became my best friend.  Every morning she comes out from her sleeping place from behind the shop.  I think she must be sleeping on our red sleigh we have stored back there.  It’s probably cozy and warm.  She cries out to me, then drops down and rolls over to show me her belly.  Red wants a belly rub.

Red the cat lounging in a chair

Red’s Favorite Place (and Mine Too)

Red has made herself at home at my new office digs in the renovated tobacco barn/bunkhouse.  I unlock the doors to the office and in she comes.  Her favorite places are in my office chair while I’m trying to work, on the stairs going up to the upstairs, on my desk next to me while I’m working, on her sleeping pad on the floor, on the rolling cabinet that’s behind my desk.  Her favorite thing in all the world is “to sleep”. 

When I’ve been working too long, she comes over and starts to knock things off my desk, scratch on my blue wing chair-which is a no-no, or whine to me so I will stop and rub her.

I don’t know where she came from, but I love her.  She is the most loving, kind friend and she brightens my day!

Red the cat in his bed

What’s Red doing right now?  She’s right behind me asleep on her bed.

Stay tuned.

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