white distressed chest

From Trash to Treasure

Next to digging in the dirt to keep me sane I also need a project or two to work on.  Through the years I have renovated my share of bedroom pieces, tables, chairs, sofas, kitchen cabinets.  Something happens to me when I see a piece of furniture that needs a little help.  My heart races, my mind starts thinking about all the possibilities and the excitement of what I could create is like a drug.  I need that creative outlet.  It helps me to deal with all the other “not so good stuff” in life.

Finding DIY Projects

Sometimes my finds are “free” stuff that I find on the side of the road like the kitchen cabinets my sister Meleady and I found from a house being renovated.  They now reside in my workshop for storage.  With a new countertop these cabinets were solid wood and in great shape.  The drawers were deep and great for storage.

DIY Project Satisfaction

Quite frequently I can be found at Living Free Ministries store in Mebane and Haw River searching for a project.  Recently I drove over to the Mebane store looking for a project.  I got out of my truck and out front of the store was a sign that read “Free”.  My eye went directly to a cute cabinet, white with two drawers and doors with caning.  The wood was solid.  I couldn’t believe it was free!  I asked the guy working there and he said it was mine for the taking.  I didn’t even have to go in the store.  I brought it back to my workshop and a couple of hours later I gave it a light sand and distressed it a little bit. I took the two doors off and exposed the great wood shelves inside. Then gave it a coat of polyurethane to seal it.  Installed two pulls on the drawers and it’s ready to use.

white distressed chest
Blue dresser in cozy interior with decorative items.

Another piece in my office is this 4- drawer blue chest.  It began as an eight- drawer dresser for the bedroom painted an ugly 1970 green with old black pulls that I found at Living Free for $14.99!  I saw potential.  It was in excellent shape.  I brought it back to my workshop and cut it into.  I bought a piece of Luan at Lowe’s as new sides for each piece, painted it this gorgeous wedge wood blue, and replaced the pulls with new brushed nickel knobs.  One chest is here in my office while the other one is in my workshop.  Instant gratification!

One of my most favorite pieces ever is the old fashion maple two- piece kitchen cabinet I bought at Granddaddy’s Antiques in Burlington.  It was brown.  It was ugly.  It was small. but it was perfect for the space I needed to put it in at my new store at Tanger, Vin Marche’ in 2014.  I had planned a French Country look for this store.  I used red French toile fabric to give a large wall a dramatic effect and to cover the bathroom door.   The base was a distressed red and the top was a distressed cream/black color with cut glass knobs for all the drawers.  It was beautiful!  After we closed Vin Marche’ I took it back to the winery and it became our coffee/tea bar.  

Vintage red cabinet in cozy kitchen interior.

Today it resides in my new office here in the tobacco barn.

Each piece tells a story of what can be.  It just takes a vision and a little effort.  Can’t wait to share another project with you!


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